• Katy Graham

    My soul purpose is to ignite your light within.


    Clients choose to invest with me when they are ready to turn their dreams into reality.


    By focusing on breaking free from what no longer serves, we shift 'someday' to dreams come true.

  • Secret to Success

    My secret to client success is the initial focus on breaking free from patterns, cycles and programming that have kept them stuck in negative loops or repeating destructive behaviors.


    Clients may work with me through:

    * Private coaching

    * Courses

    * Texts to Inspire -- daily motivation via text messages (US / Canada only)

    * Investing in my Ladybug Love Affirmation Cards


    Regardless of how they work with me, my clients experience significant shifts in how they see themselves, the world and past experiences.

    My innovative approach allows my clients to experience interactive activities, creative approaches to diving deeper, full engagement and personalized programs created specifically for them to reach their goals and heart's desires.

  • Katy's Journey

    Katy's Journey

    I was led into coaching through my own personal healing journey.


    I have been a 'self-help' / 'personal development' junkie from my very first job review and they gave me the 'to improve list.'


    You know the list I'm talking about. It is that list at the end of what could have been a great boss / employee interaction that leads to even greater success but instead ends on a sour note of 'here are the things I need to fix about you'.


    Saying 'I have to give you something' never seemed to soften the blow. To me, it meant I was crap at my job and crap as a person and I needed to fix me.


    I have since gotten over the 'crap' part of things and recognize that I am whole and complete just as I am.


    ...but I never got over the personal healing and development journey! I love and continuously seek out opportunities to learn, release and step into the next best version of myself.

    My Coaching Journey

    My life shifted from the non-profit world to stepping into coaching after a death-bed request.


    Yep, nothing like a good old-fashioned guilt trip to shift my direction in life! (Ha! I'm very grateful for this request and would not change a thing.)


    It took a few months, but I did transition out of non-profits and took a deep dive on my own personal healing, including enrolling at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) back in 2012 to become a health coach.


    Coaching ignited a spark in me that burned deep and bright.


    The love of coaching and helping others heal their own wounding soon led to earning my certifications in life coaching, confidence coaching, empowerment coaching, mindset and mindfulness.


    It also opened the door to modalities such as reiki, crystals, card reading, tapping, meditation and energy healing.

    My Path to Personal Growth, Healing and Spiritual Awakening

    My own healing journey has been a rollercoaster filled with twists, turns, bumps, drops and a few unexpected loop-de-loops.


    It is my intention to use my personal experience to guide my clients around the major pitfalls and come through with as much ease and grace as possible.


    I was coming out of my own dark night of the soul just as Covid lockdown hit. This was a true blessing for me as it gave me time to explore, heal, dig deep and meet my true, authentic self without the outside influence of others.


    It has allowed me to open up the space to meet and listen to my own spirit guides, allow my gifts to enter in and appreciate all that makes me uniquely me.


    My favorite gifts so far are my intuition and empathy to hear what is not being said, 'to read between the lines' and feel what is lying under the surface hidden in the shadows. These gifts allow me to go deeper quicker with my clients and cut through the 'stuff' that keeps us stuck in the muck.


    I love the spiritual awakening and ascension process.


    I dedicate time every day to my own journey, my own healing as well as healing for the collective. It is now a part of who I am and what I do. I truly love being a lightworker.


    No matter how much I learn and absorb, I know there is always more!


    I'm continuously investing in myself, my knowledge and skills with books, courses, classes and working with my own coaches. All so I may have the right tools at the right time to be of greatest service to you.


    Check out my Instagram highlights for books, courses and other resources that I enjoy and would recommend.


    After a decade+ of coaching, I am so grateful to be an expert at what I do. I am the catalyst to turn dreams into reality.


    It is my soul mission to ignite the light in others so they may shine bright in the world.