• One-on-One Coaching with Katy

    It is my soul mission to ignite the light in others so they may shine bright in the world. 

    The Clients Who Choose to Invest In Me:

    Clients come to me for two different reasons:

    1. Clearing the Path: This is the client who is feeling stuck. She knows there is more out there but not quite sure where to go next. Often times, she has already begun dabbling in her own healing journey and has made the choice that she is ready for better. She is ready for more ..... if only she knew what that more looked like!
    2. Mapping the Journey: This is the client who knows where she wants to go and is choosing to work with an expert coach to guide her there as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Coaching Options

    These are my standard options - I will customize plans upon request.

    All options include unlimited access via Voxer, email or Instagram Messaging.

    Calls are 45 mintues each.


    Coaching Sprint

    1 month commitment


    per month

    4 weekly Zoom calls,

    1 distance healing session 


    Unlimited Support

    Making Progress

    3 month commitment


    per month

    2 Zoom calls per month


    Unlimited Support

    Staying the Course

    3 month commitment


    per month

    1 Zoom call per month


    Unlimited Support

    Coaching on Demand

    Single Call, no support


    per call

    1 Zoom call

    (NO consultation call first)

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    30 Minute 'Let's Talk Coaching' Zoom Call

    Zoom Call
    This is an informal zoom call (audio or video - the choice is yours) to see if coaching is right for you and if we are a good fit. ***after booking, watch your email for your zoom invitation. These are sent manually so it may be a day before it comes through. Check your spam if you don't see it!
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